In October 2019, an episode of the television show “The Fixers” was filmed, in which four North American builders had to visit a dozen communities for ten weeks and rebuild or contribute their knowledge to positively impact the sites where they filmed each. episode. A year ago, they contributed to the construction of the House...
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By Kenneth Rapoza in Forbes  Want to get money to the most in need during a pandemic? Don’t count on your government. Do it yourself. Roque Sevilla, former mayor of Quito, Ecuador in the late 1990s, had an idea. The coronavirus was ripping through Guayaquil and then later into Quito, the nation’s capital. His concern...
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By Roque Sevilla in Americas Quarterly   Despite Guayaquil’s healing, the country is still struggling. The private sector can help. The world is facing an unprecedented pandemic that does not care about borders or nationalities. My country Ecuador has been among those hit hardest, with over 53,000 COVID-19 cases and more than 4,000 related deaths....
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Por Marcel Bonilla en El Comercio   Con una capacidad para acoger a ocho pacientes de covid-19, en Atacames se construyó el Centro de Atención Respiratoria Covid, que busca ayudar en el tratamiento de las personas contagiadas con el virus. La entrega oficial se realizó el 2 de julio del 2020, pero su inauguración será...
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To date, CAEMBA has built:

Houses: 346 | Shelters: 315

Classrooms: 27 | Children Centers: 8

Community Centers: 4

And we are counting !