Humanitarian aid kit

In the initial stage of the plan “With your help I can stay at home”, which consists on delivering basic food kits containing oil, rice, lentil, oatmeal, noodles, tuna, oil, green, milk powder, sugar and sardines, we have given these kits to 550 families in different neighborhoods of the cantons of Atacames and Esmeraldas, and other areas in Manabí. We hope to raise more funds to be able to reach more precarious areas on the coast, including the Muisne canton and Chachi indigenous communities in Esmeraldas. 

Did you know that with USD 20 you can feed a family of 5 members during 1 week?

Starting Monday, March 30, the delivery of 200 kits will continue that day and on Tuesday the 31st, 400 more will be delivered. Depending on the measures announced by the government regarding mobility, we will continue with the next phases of delivering weekly food kits for these families on the coast.

Humanitarian aid in the Amazon

Fundación Raíz Ecuador also works on several projects in the Ecuadorian Amazon, so we are pleased to inform that we have already delivered food kits to the Secoya community of Paiquenape, located on the Napo River on the border with Peru. The coverage of this aid will begin on Wednesday, April 1, to several Secoya communities on the Aguarico river bank in Sucumbíos. The objective is to preserve the health and life of the most vulnerable: the elder people who preserve the ancient cultural traditions of these indigenous nationalities in the Amazon basin. 


How to donate?

Due to mobility restrictions, this time we only receive financial contributions to be used to buy food in the areas where we work (Esmeraldas, Manabí and in the Amazon). In this way we also stimulate the local economy. Donations can be made from Ecuador and from abroad through the information that is shown in the beginning of this article.

If you want to contact us, please do it to

With your contributions, we will deliver aid every 7 days until the health emergency for Covid-19 ends. Thanks to you, each member of these families has taken care of its health and that of the rest, because by staying at home they prevent the spread of Covid-19. On the Ecuadorian coast, these people live on a daily basis and their economy is based on tourism, which is totally paralyzed.

Let’s not lower our arms in this crisis that involves all Ecuadorians. Let’s keep helping those who need it most!

#With your help I can stay at home